Von Bernath Consulting is a consulting firm established in Switzerland

Von Bernath Consulting is a recently founded consulting firm established in Switzerland by Fernando J. von Bernath.
VBC was created to provide financial services to Small & Medium Size Enterprises and help them in their economic growth.
SMEs are the driving economic force of many countries around the world.
But it turns that SMEs has several difficulties to be able to move forward, such as access to credits, information, knowledge of business management, among others.
VBC its committed to providing high quality services in accordance to the needs of our clients.

Become one of the consultant’s companies preferred by small businesses and entrepreneurs

Support small and medium size businesses throughout their growing process

VBC Values

  • Visionary, professional and flexible services
  • Business partnership, built on ethical working practices
  • Collaboration to maximize success

Fernando J. von Bernath, MBA.

Managing Director

Over 12 years of work experience in Finance & Managerial & Management control, working with different Latin American multinationals in collaboration with USA and Europe.
Multinational experience acquired in different business such as massive-global consumption, retail, communications, pharmaceuticals and aviation.
Adept Leader of teams and successful business strategic projects with a financial standpoint.


Las Condes
Santiago, CL7550000, Chile

Phone / Email

Phone: +56 (9) 56399764
Email: info@vonbernathconsulting.com